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Remote Visual Products Inspection

Offering pipe cameras, rigid sewer cameras borescopes, intrinsically safe borescope and intrinsically safe fiberscopes.
Most Popular Borescopes

Inexpensive Small Diameter Articulating Videoscopes

Inexpensive Rigid Articulated Automotive Inspection Borescope

Borescope for iphone Inexpensive Solutions

Offering snake inspection camera cmos mini endoscope cameras, usb video endocope rigid borescope for iphone use in those applications that are not critical. Endoscopie y fibroscopie para industria.

Dellon Video Borescope Model VT 4150 4.5mm PT6 Scope- Equivalent Part number: USAVS-J-4-1500 videoscope

This DELLON 4.5mm color videoscope is a 2 way articulated scope is available direct from the manufacturer- call 805-520-8200 for more information.

4.3" LCD display in the handle, 90 Degree Field of View (FOV), 350,000 Pixel CMOS Sensor, 360 Degree all ways articulation, available in both 1.5 meter length and 3.0 Meter Length FREE VT4150/4130 Datasheet is Here

5 Meter Length Borescope

Sewer Snake Camera for Home Sewer damage assessment

Sewer Camera for Inspection of Broken Lines

Best Selling Model Sewer inspection camera that are affordable. Manufactured in various models the best sewer camera with wifi and usb borescope features, all sewer camera units are waterproof designed like all fully sealed borescopes manufacturered. Lighting is LED with remote dimmer control of the lighting from the LED's.

Non Conductive Borescopes

Flexible Fiber Optic borescopes with specialized non conductive coatings and tungsten braided protective fiber coating, wide angle borescope optics and fully sealed waterproof assembly with usb borescope android connectivity, use in hazardous environments, intrinsically safe products available- call for details

1mm Tungsten Protective Borescope Videoscopes

3mm Diameter articulating flexible borescope endoscope includes SD Card image capture to your PC Computer or Dell Laptop Computer running Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10

2mm Tungsten Protective Borescope Videoscopes

3mm Diameter articulating videoscopes with large Sony, LG or other popular consumer LCD monitors and portable lightweight battery powered Borescope service LCD monitors with viewing monitor jpeg image capture to iMac, iPhone, Android usb borescope connection

3mm Tungsten Protective Borescope Videoscopes

3mm Diameter articulating Tungsten Braid Borescope and Flexible Videoscopes with large Sony, LG or other popular consumer LCD monitors and portable lightweight battery powered Borescope service LCD monitors with viewing monitor jpeg image capture to iMac, iPhone, Android usb borescope connection

4mm Tungsten Flexible Borescope Videoscopes

4mm Diameter articulating color  videoscope borescopefor PW100, JT-15D and PT6 Engine Inspections. Specializing in small aircraft turbine borescope inspection. Pratt Whitney Approved design and Image processing with High Definition display output to laptop computers

6mm Flexible Borescope Videoscopes

6mm Diameter Articulating Flexiscope endoscopic inspection videoscopes for Diesel Engine RVI of valves and piston engine condition

8mm Videoscopes

8mm Diameter Non-Articulating and Articulating videoscopes for in-situ high pressure inspections of pipe welds for internally visible defects. All Borescope Pipe Inspection capability includes using high definition image capture and new 4K video resolution borescope with all high quality glass lens designs

4mm, 6mm and 8mm Jet Power Turbine Engine Borescope Inspection with Documentation and Video display via Wifi for real-time inspection monitoring without cables

Boeing and Airbus Aircraft Inspection and Business Jet Cessna Citation, Lear, Gulfstream with Pratt Whitney PT6, PWC Turbine Engines require the best high definition (HD Borescope) image capture and display. Pratt Whitney Engines such as the PT6 engine are the most common of all that we have supported and sold into this market since 1995. 4K SHD Color High Definition Videoscopes 

Inexpensive borescope tool and economical Rigid and Flexible Videoscopes

Rigid Endoscope/Borescope, Flexible Fiberscope, Videoscope  ModelsVideoscopes for Pipe Inspection Hawkeye style bore scope, 5m underwater inspection pressure protection with tungsten braided sleeve and intrinsically safe design

UV Borescopes

Ultraviolet image Borescopes for NDT Non Destructive Penetrant Inspections. ASNT American Society for Non Destructive Testing NDT Level II inspectors have used this equipment for aerospace, aviation, piping, weld inspection for drop through and stress corrosion cracking research and developent for NDT Ultrasonic and Magnetic Particle Methods certified inspector NDT Level III to SNT TC 1A

2mm Diameter Rigid Borescopes

2mm Diameter Rigid Borescopes Hawkeye Design with mirror tip

4mm Diameter Rigid Borescopes

4mm Diameter Rigid Borescopes Hawkeye Style

6mm Diameter Rigid Borescopes

6mm Diameter Rigid Borescopes Olympus Style

8mm Diameter Rigid Borescopes

8mm Diameter Rigid Borescopes GE Style

Hydroelectric Power station turbine generators review and inspection borescopes of various lengths and diameters

Inspection of Power Generators Review and internal condition for corrosion, pitting, blade damage and foreign object damage in the largest hydropower stations in the world such as Three Gorges Dam and Gezhouba Dams in China, Itaipu Dam in Brazil, Guri in Venezuela, Grand Coulee on the Columbia River, Niagara Falls, John Day Dam, and in Hoover Dam operations in the nevada desert. Internationally Krasnoyarsk, Bratsk, Boguchany Dams in Russia and Iron Gates on the Danube. The Ituango under construction in Colombia is also being reviewed.

Remote retrieval tools for powerplant inspections in New York State

Gripping tools and remote vision robotic crawlers

FOD inspection in Flight operations with borescope tools and remote video cameras

Foreign Object Damage (FOD) prevention with Non Destructive testing- X-Ray Inspection and Borescope Remote Video capture

Solar Power Turbine Inspection and Wind Turbine Inspection tools

Designed for inspection of turbine blades, corrosion and gearbox damage, hot section inspections

General Electric Power Turbine Inspection BorescopeS

High temperature alloy parts inspection of internal components for internal damage in aircraft maintenance and PMI turbine parts manufacturers

Pratt Whitney PWC, PT6 and JT15D Aircraft Turbine Inspection Borescopes

For small aircraft and business jet applications in aircraft maintenance

10mm Diameter Rigid Borescopes

10mm Diameter Rigid Borescopes Endoscopic Style with working channel and superbright optics

Swat Team Specialized Under Door Cameras

Thin plate under door camera for SWAT and Security Applications

10mm Diameter Borescopes for Wildlife Studies in the Field

10mm Diameter Rigid Borescope Endoscopic Style with working channel and superbright optics

2mm Micro Flexible Fiberscope for Small diameter parts inspection

10mm Diameter Rigid Borescope Endoscopic Fiberoptic lighting and sapphire optical protective lens windows

4mm Diameter Rigid Borescope for Castings

4mm Rigid for USB borescope application and image capture

2mm flexible diameter Borescope for Precision Cast Parts for turbine veins

Aircraft turbine parts precision castings of titanium

High Temperature Resistant Borescope for in-situ visualizations

Built to withstand industrial punishment and high temperature to view internal processes in action

Best USB Snake Camera for laptop High definition display and fast USB connection

Pipe inspection equipment for videoscope inspection of long drain and sewer systems

Low Temperature Resistant Borescope for Freezing studies and crystal growth

Fiberscope Camera built to withstand low temperature and to view your scientific specialized study and camera endoscopy

Mini Camera waterproof usb for general purpose usage

Machine Vision, GoPro Camera, and CCD Camera with USB HD Output

Industrial Design Small diameter waterproof endoscope borescope with submergible working length

Applications include full 4K SHD underwater viewing with remote wireless recording, tethered

Pre-owned Economical Olympus borescope price Iplex Videoscopes

Color Videoscope with Iplex design quality

Pipeline Inspection USABorescope R US Economical with Color Video USB output

Pipeline Inspection waterproof design

Rigid Endoscope 4mm Diameter Medical Quality Grade for Industrial visual inspection systems

Industrial Endoscope for sale

Chimney Inspection camera with protective mask

Applications for pipe inspection, industrial NDT inspection, flexible HVAC Duct internal viewing and best inspection camera on the market

Wifi Inspection Camera for Sewage Camera Inspection

bore inspection camera used in water line inspection of Municipal Water system and private well inspection

Covert Snake Borescope Spy Camera wifi with ccd and cmos camera chip diagnostic

bosch camera, hilti camera, plumber with camera and recordable inspection

Rigid Inspection Endoscope Borescope Camera with digital 2.4 lcd display

Fibre optic camera digital usb output with recorder and hand control movement of tip

Flexible Inspection Camera with digital 2.4 lcd display

videoprobe view inside pipelines, and drains with fiber optic design

Furnace Inspection Camera using a smartphone

Featuring Android Borescope camera and iPhone borescope Camera, USB waterproof borescope Camera

Mini Endoscope Camera video snake camera drain snake design

Camera Snake with light and mechanics camera scope with endoscopic camera driver for USB

3mm HD Borescope small diameter for aircraft inspection

Smallest diameter flexible borescope camera with articulating control and android usb endoscope lighting

General Borescope extech industrial design micro aircraft and automotive use

high resolution borescope rental, smartphone borescope for android and iphone wifi and usb borescope connection

Videoscope CMOS chip budget borescope designed for professional use

CCD and CMOS imaging chip videoscope units with high pixel density for high resolution HD viewing 1080p

Borescopes made in the USA and Germany with precision optics

High precision ground and polished lens assemblies, fiber bundles of borosilia glass, sapphire protection glass tip with internal IR cut filter on the CCD image chip

Fiberoptic Borescopes with glass coherent image bundles for endoscope medical grade use equal to that of Industrial precision optics

Drawn in a specialized high temperature process micron diameter fiber bundles are manufactured up to 3 meters in length

Engineering of Medical Grade Endoscopic miniature fiber bundles to be designed in the gas turbine borescope inspection

Long life expectancy with protective tungsten outer sheathing of the entire length of the fiberscopes are state of the art in design.

Handheld cheap borescope repair and bluetooth borescope usb connected industrial iPhone mounted

Designed for numerous consumer applications cheap borescope availability has increased with the miniaturization of cmos sensor technology used in cellular phone designs with android and apple borescope considerations in mind. Some view the hawkeye and olympus scopes for HVAC articulating borescope lens as the dbpower borescope is best. The best phone snake camera uses ios endoscope camera for automotive borescope applications. A cylinder bores scope with HD quality video is being developed for release in late 2017. Industrial Endoscope uses for aircraft inspection maintenance is the primary use of the videoscope borescope products on the professional side of the market. Some cordless inspection camera applications remain to be defined., our new soon to be introduced online software resource page that stores a complete archive of all images captured during your video inspections. The Video Tutorial offered is in production and will be added in the Field

10mm Diameter Rigid Borescope Endoscopic Style with working channel and superbright optics

What is a borescope- this is the question , call us and we will answer that or read our borescope inspection website

the ge borescope, the everest borescope, provision borescope, machida borescope, craftsman borescope, hawkeye borescope are all good borescope products.

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